Aranna's back >D

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Zhai, 06 AMpThu, 24 Feb 2011 05:19:14 -0600 2007 03:22 p02


I'm back from the dead :D (my struggle with zombies lasted two years 0.0) With new pages and everything :D

Kinda weird though, I never thought about where to leave my old pages. Don't want them in my archive, I think I might put them on an external site or something. Dunno yet.

ANYWAYS, I'll start updating next week, on thursdays (or fridays, depends on how busy I am).
I'll try to keep this schedule, but I'm pretty confident it will work out :)

For now, enjoy the prettiness of Aranna's new design :)

PS: Oh yeah, and I'll have to renew the site someday. >.> hmmmm...

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