Characters of ToA


Taki has been travelling most of her life, and that prevents her from being dependant on something or someone, but this is exactly how she likes it. She's kind of a coward, and doesn't like confrontations. She gets her money from old ruines and the like, which are often quite dangerous, however, this time it might get life-threatening...


Once a queen, Aranna is a vampire set on revenge, to take back what was once hers, Venitius. The loss of her country has also made her lose her sanity for a big part, so she is somewhat unstable or even sadistic.


Given a strange cat-like appearance, Tigris has been somewhat of an outcast in the camp where she stays as a servant. Despite having no knowledge of what she is, and where she comes from, Tigris seems to have a positive outlook on life.

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Lady Veila

Intimidating and having a cold exterior, Lady Veila seems to have no trouble keeping her encampment at the old city Venitius under control. Lady Veila, a priestress from the north, is determined to cleanse Venitius of vampiric influences, something she thinks Taki is interfering with.

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‘Let your curiosity move you
But don’t let it kill you’
- Renuhar

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