About the comic
Temple of Aranna is a story I have written a very long time ago, and it has been through many changes. It started in...I think...eh... 2005? 2006? Well, I'll look it up someday. Anyway, the first time I put this comic up on the internet was around 2007 I think, or maybe 2006 (damn my memory xD)...anyway, some people might remember that. I might put up some old art on my deviantart, though it's just kind of fugly, I always like to see what kind of progression people make, so it might be interesting. Anyways, that's all I have to say 8D

Updates on thursday or friday.

About the author
Hi, I'm Esther, or Zhai, whatever. I'm 18 at the moment and I like to draw (duh), and to write. I also like a lot of other things but I don't think anyone's really interested in that.

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‘Let your curiosity move you
But don’t let it kill you’
- Renuhar

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